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Saturday, February 4, 2017

                                                                                                          Feb. 3, 2017
Hello Family ad Friends,

It's been quite a week; lots to learn, lots to do, and so many faces to remember!  We are all settled into our apartment, the Foutaine Bleau.

 We met the two office couples at the Mission Office, the Hartzells and the Sorensens.  The Hartzells showed us around the office, and then drove us to our new home.  Two wonderful Elders, Lindstrom (Laramie) and Jacquez (Colorado) had set up our apartment, and had things looking pretty good.  They spend most of their days doing all of the physical set up in the mission.
Because we will do much of our work from our apartment, we received the old desk from the Temple President. That is only part of the desk.  It works well, and we have 2 new chairs to use.                     

We got the car unloaded and went to work putting things away.  
If you know Dad, (Elder Hess) well, you can guess what he is saying about now..... Hello, hello, _____________?

The senior office  missionaries were asked to take us out for dinner that night, and we were grateful!  When it was time to go, they called us and asked us to meet them there so off we went, trusting in our GPS on the phone.  Elder  Hess tried to ask google several times how to find Chilies, but we weren't getting any directions!  We remembered that they had said something about it being by the MaCain Mall, and for some blessed reason, we were able to find it!  We later realized that the mobile data was not turn on his phone. After dinner we could see that Target was near by so we went there so get a few things to set up our bed,  Next we went to Wal-mart for a few groceries to get us started.  We were exhausted, but happy to be in AR, safe and sound.  By the way, this is WAL-MART country, and there are plenty of them here!  Ours is 1.2 miles away.  The bed that night was pretty miserable, and we got the elders to find us a frame with some actual support, and switch beds from the 2nd bedroom that we have.  

We met with Sister Thompson the next day, and boy is she a wealth of information, dedication, knowledge and such an organized Mission Nurse!  We have tall shoes to fill, but we are willing to do our best.  Through her training, we could see that she relies on the Spirit always, reminds the missionaries to have a blessing, put their name on the Temple Roll, and for us, that prayer should be a part of every decision we make.  

Wed., was also a very Special World Wide Missionary Training Broadcast.  Again Elder Neil L Anderson was a part of it, as well as Elder Oaks, and various other authorities.  Two great thoughts from it:  1.  We have to be repenting daily in order to teach repentance.  Repentance helps us better understand the Atonement, and helps us know what an investigator needs to feel. 2.  The Lord hallows every door we knock on, He is with us.  

After the Broadcast, we got to officially meet and visit with President Wakolo.  We had met his wife earlier in the day, and she hugged us and said, "Welcome Home".  Pres. W. radiates the Spirit; his love and conviction of our Savior is evident in everything he does.  He asked all about our family, our concerns and about our plan to serve in the ALRM.  (Arkansas Little Rock Mission) He asked me, Sister Hess to be Elder Hess' assistant.  (That put a kink in the other office missionaries plans ;)
President W promised us that our family would be Blessed and Cared for while we are serving.  This is actually the third time we were promised this blessing.  So family, keep your eyes open and look for the blessings!   In small ways we have seen them already. 

The next day brought more training with Sis T.  We listen to her as she instructs a young Elder in his medical concerns. We are reminded to - pray, wait, listen, trust, and then advise.  It was a Mission Leadership Council today, and we were invited to have lunch with the group.  After lunch Pres. W had the whole group stand and sing the Mission Song to us.  Wonderful Spirit there, and they sang with love and enthusiasm for the work.  

I know that this is getting lengthy, but I went too long between posts to fit everything in, sorry.

Saturday we had more training with Sis T., our brains were on overload!  I met with her assistant, Sister Neilson, who helps with finding providers for all of the various needs; that will be part of my job now.  The afternoon was spent listening to several authorities from SLC and then Elder Anderson.  We see him again with that perpetual smile and love that shines from his countenance.  One of the most important things I heard was, "at the beginning of your day, make your first interaction with someone be with the Lord in prayer."

Sunday was a Special Stake Conference with Elder Anderson.  Just have to share some thoughts:  1. The Spirit will instruct us here, right now today if we will open our heart - where are we looking for truth? On the internet, on FB, or in the Book Of Mormon? - The Lord is preparing a people to receive Him. One day every person on earth will kneel at His feet.  Elder Anderson, after the missionary meeting, and after the special youth conference the night before, shook hands with every person one by one.  One of the other speakers likened that to how the Savior took the time to bless and heal others, one by one, and how that is following the Saviors example.  

I took this picture one night as I was leaving Sams Club, that story is for another day.....but, I did want to remind ya"ll, that Elder Hess and I are "Always in your corner"!  As is our kind and loving Heavenly Father.  

Our love and prayers are with all of you,
Elder and Sister Hess

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