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Sunday, February 19, 2017


Dear Family and Friends,

  Philippians 4: 1313 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.....
 even grow and thrive in an unfamiliar area.   This has been a week of much growth, learning and counting blessings.  
Monday morning we left our apartment at 6:50 to drive to the Memphis Temple, about 2 1/2 hours away.  We were lucky enough to attend the Temple for a special session held for the missionaries who were leaving the mission, and those missionaries who had Birthdays near this date. Feb. 13, 2017.  A very special experience to be in the temple with all missionaries, Mission Presidency, and other senior missionaries.  It was a day of so much to be thankful for, and with so much gratitude in our hearts for our own special family and the blessings coming to them.  The night before Jess and family had called, doing a video chat, and Collin and Kenley held up some signs for us to read.  After reading those signs, and comprehending their meaning, it dawned on us that Jess and Trent are having a BABY!!  They are calling this a miracle baby due to the circumstances; and we whole heartily agreed.  So, going to the temple the next day was a very emotional, spiritual day, and a day of learning for us, one filled with so much gratitude for a Loving Heavenly Father.    

We filled up the car with gas before heading home, and you can see, we were happy with the price we are paying. We drove home, took care of some missionary medical needs, and then drove to the Mission Home, our first time there.  It is in a nice area in Little Rock, and there is definitely much more traffic and congestion getting there than in North Little Rock! This evening was a special dinner for those departing missionaries.

President and Sister Wakolo, wonderful Mission President and his wife from Fiji.  They have their 13 year old daughter here with them, Jasmine. The Wakolo's have 2 children, and have raised 18 other children.  President Wakolo has been an area Authority.  We hear him speak often, and he always bear's such a strong testimony of Jesus Christ.  "I will never, no never, NO never, deny or forget"!  It's no question, our Savior does exist, it's no question, the gospel is true; every time, every time, EVERY time."  No question in our mind on where he stands, and what his beliefs are.  The Missionaries all love and respect him.

We found a different Kroger's to shop at, one by the mission office, and it seems to be about four times the size of little old Broulim's at home.  I think that Elder Hess and I wandered around for an hour just looking at all of the different things.  We are enjoying our Crumpets with butter and jam!  So far, we have only shopped for grocery's at either Kroger's or WalMart, and some of you know how I feel about WalMart!

We LOVED getting these two Valentines in the mail.....thanks Ephraim and Judy!  

This week I was reading a most wonderful Conference talk, "The Blessings of Worship". I hope you will bear with me while I share what I learned, and I pray that you will learn something too.  I will say that I took several days to read and digest this talk.  "Worship is essential and central to our spiritual life.  We approach Him with reverence, love, humility and adoration.  We acknowledge and accept Him, we respect and revere Him, submit ourselves to Him, lift our hearts in mighty prayer to him, cherish His word, rejoice in His grace and commit to follow Him with dedicated loyalty."  "Through true worship, the Saints of God receive heavenly light, knowledge, and a strengthened testimony and that leads to Faith.  True worship transforms us into sincere and earnest disciples of Jesus Christ, we change, become more understanding, caring, forgiving and loving." "When we worship, we open our hearts to the healing power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ."

We skyped with Margie and family this week, how fun!  Max asked me "Have you converted anyone yet?"  I wanted to say yes, we have.  But, we relayed to him the few opportunities we have had to speak to a neighbor, talk to someone at the grocery store, or see someone when we check the mail.  However, Max, just know that we are becoming more and more converted ourselves.  One of the main reasons that young missionaries serve is to become personally converted ....a conversion that can last a lifetime if they keep the commandments.   A conversion that is a blessing to their future family forever.

Hallie, thanks for emailing us the answer to the question we asked all the grand-kids in our first post, and we hope that all of you are taking on the challenge we gave you in our second post.  We would love to hear from you.  

Our Love and Prayers are will all of you,
Elder and Sister Hess

*Our Relief Society President is a convert, she gave a beautiful lesson, and her closing statement was, "This is the Best Family I Ever Joined"!  Love it!

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