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Sunday, February 26, 2017


Dear Family and Friends,

Is it Spring where you are? Well, maybe our California family will have flowers in bloom, but most likely not the rest of you!  We see daffodils in some unlikely places, and many times just a couple here and there, and then there are very large areas of blooms.  Kind of like us.  For now we are planted in Arkansas, where there are a few plants here and there and they are doing their best to thrive and show the beauty of the gospel through their lives.  There are large patches of flowers in other places of the world, also blooming and growing.  Each of us has the same responsibility, to bring souls to Christ, and do our best to share what we have and what we    know. Look at the photo, and all of the potential waiting for us!

We are actually a little behind in our blog, and I want to catch up.  We went to the AR Little Rock Air Force Base on 2-11-17 with the office couples, the Hartzells and the Sorsensons.  We met another senior couple there, the Rasmussen's. Funny thing, all three couples are from Utah.  The Rasmussens live on base and they are assigned to help the service members and their families.  

                                Spy plane

 This is called the "Banana.

 You have to have a sponsor to get on base, and that was the Rasmussen's.  Then were things we had to do to qualify to enter like show your drivers license, car registration and then have your picture taken. These few things give them a chance to do a type of background check; are we safe to let on base? Reminds me of our Father in Heavens kingdom.  Our Savior Jesus Christ is our sponsor, and we have to do certain things to quality to enter His presence.  It all starts with Baptism, and then we continue on doing His will and works. We need our Temple Recommend, our name written in His Book to see our works, and then He must recognize in us that we are His children through an inspection of our heart,  

We enjoyed the windy day, although Gary spent his share of time on the phone with the missionaries who needed some help!  He gets quite a variety of texts and calls.  Hey Elder Hess, I'm sick, can I stay home today?  Hey Elder Hess, "my knee hurts", or "I think my companion is in the Orange zone, (meaning that they are in trouble mentally), my companion has a temp of 103, (and then upon sending them to a walk in clinic, their temp is actually 99! Next lesson given?  How to properly take a temperature!) Elder Hess, "I have these bites all over my ankles and feet." (Let us all pray that they are not Bed Bugs!!)

A very large water tower that we pass everyday that we do drive to the Mission Home which is our Stake Center and also where our ward meets.  This last couple of weeks I have been going into the office more to help with the new missionary binders.  These Binders are full of all the information a new missionary will need; encouraging booklets, safety tips, ideas, manners for the South, all about some of the "pests" to expect, how and when to clean your apartment, etc.  I have also been given the "duty" to review the phone bill as it comes in, review it for mission criteria, and then make many MANY phones calls to ask......why was there a call made to NYC or Alaska? Why were you on the phone for 99 minutes, why did you have over 3,000 texts in one month....😇 This is my signature mogie for the mission.

We enjoy beautiful sunsets and cloud formations on the days that we get to get out for a much needed walk.

 The next Sat., 2-18-17 we all went to Burns Park, a 1,700-acre park in North Little Rock, Arkansas. The park features two golf courses, Funland Amusement Park, sports facilities, camping area, hiking and trails.  What a pleasant place to spend a few hours walking, talking and enjoying the beauty. This bridge crosses the Arkansas river, and is called, The Dam Bridge.  In length it is the longest pedestrian/bicycle bridge in North America that has never been used by trains or motor vehicles. It rises to 90 feet and spans the river between Little Rock and North Little Rock.

I love my new camera, (phone) and use it everyday!   There are so many wonders to photograph and remember.  Above all, I hope that as you reflect on your week, you will see the Lords hand guiding and directing you everyday.  Don't forget to ask Him, don't forget to Thank Him. His measure of Blessings knows no bounds when we do as He asks us.  Our Mission President reminds us that in the Gospel, "Casualness creates causalities! Do His works everyday, everyday, Everyday."

Our Love and Prayers are will all of You,
Brother and Sister Hess

D&C 101: 37-38

Hey grandkids and kids, are any of you memorizing what we ask?  Can you fill in the blank? Will you read this scripture?

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