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Sunday, July 30, 2017

                                                                                                                  July 30th, 2017

Dear Family and Friends,

Hey, whats new with all of you??  I thought Missionaries where suppose to get letters from their family?   We visit the Saturday River Market whenever we can, and always find new things to buy and eat. This week I saw boxes and boxes of these long, purplish pods and asked what they were. Purple Hull Beans; so I bought some to shell myself and try them out.  They taste sort of like a black eyed pea.  The seller said to boil them up with a bit of bacon grease, so that's what we did! The machine below is a sheller they had set up for those who wanted to buy them ready to go.

And, while we are speaking of food, we finally found a place to buy some Boiled Peanuts!  They were hot and salty, and so yummy!  We were at a gas station about 75 min. from our apartment and saw the sign and decided to get some.  They were cooking in a large crock pot (unlike the ones we bought years ago from the roadside, boiling in a large witch's type pot) on a small table inside.  Next to the pots was a damp towel and books laying one it, one of them a Book of Mormon.  Sister Sorensen and I looked inside and on the inside cover we could see that the book was from Ivon Faulkner who is the First Counselor to our Mission President!  We thought that was pretty neat.  Pres. Faulkner lives another 75 min. East from where we were.  It had been raining that day, so someone had laid their books out to dry.
These two lovely Sisters were on exchanges, and were staying at one of the Sisters place. She lives in a small house.  On this particular night, they had gotten in around 8:00 and were discussing their day and planning for the next.  They hadn't locked their door, and as they sat there, someone tried to open the door.  One Sister jumped up and locked the door.  They were super scared, but nothing more happened.  They called their Zone Leaders and ended up driving to another area for the night.  Through their prayers, they have not felt good about returning to this house to stay, so they have been moved out of the area and guess they will put some hefty Elders in there. Before this decision was made, Elder Hess and Elder Hartzell had gone to a Good Will store and bought two baseball bats, some pepper spray and a small brace/lock for their door.  Sister Gray, the one with the gray T-shirt said that was all that she needed, a big baseball bat!  Can you read her funny shirt?? "NOT TODAY SATAN, Not Today! Sister Gray was best friends with Gabby Barnes before her mission, and is from MacCammon, ID.  It is so important that missionaries keep the Spirit with them at all times and for all reasons.  Likewise, we need to keep Heavenly Father's Spirit with us, at all times, and for all reasons.  A quote from Preach My Gospel: "The principle of accountability is fundamental in God's eternal plan. We will all stand before the Lord at the last judgment and give an accounting for what we have done with the opportunities He has given us."  Pres. Monson adds, "When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported, the rate of improvement accelerates."

We drove to this beautiful park a while ago with the Sorensen's.  So many lakes and forests to explore, but we still should stay on the paved paths!!! More about that later.  We decided to rent a paddle boat for an hour, and wondered if that would be enough time to look around.  The Elders started out paddling, but that didn't last long!! We switched places and had a lovely 30 minutes before Sister Sorensen said, "Time to go Back".  Guess none of us are in very good shape!
 Such great beauty all around us!  Part of these pictures are from a place called Garvin Gardens, another place we visited on this same trip.
 It rained on and off that day, and luckily the real down pour came before we got out of the car.  This garden is one you pay to get in and encompasses  many many acres.  Some areas were planted with species from different regions of the world, and one particular  part was all done on a fairy scale!

Well, you get the idea, and I even took more pictures!  It was funny to see the fairy chapel and then the Devils Snuff Box.  Always there is that Good verses evil conflict.  Someone just lately reminded us of the quote that Pres. McKay saw on his mission: "Where er'e thou art, Act Well thy part."  And, 3 Nephi 27:27, "....Therefore, what manner of men ought ye to be? Verily I say unto you, even as I am."
 We pass this church every time we drive to the Mission Office, and the billboard  always has something catchy written on it.  One of the youth in our ward spoke last week about attending Youth Conf. She said that she hadn't wanted to attended, but she was encouraged to go and she was so glad that she had.  These are her words, " when a group of LDS youth enter a room together, the Spirit echoes through the room.  They are all trying to get to the same place, they have the same goals, the same fights (struggles) and youth conference for me has been a refresher for my soul."
Our Office Elders!  They drove from Memphis early one morning and brought the office a treat!  These are such good missionaries, and are always helping us out. They run all of the errands, transport others for medical apts. deliver furniture, buy supplies, go to the dump, fix vacuums, buy new washer and dryers, just to name a few things!  When it comes time to close an apartment, they box things up, clean it up, and bring us any media that has been stashed there, and I mean sometimes the stash borders on hoarding! This is a portion of what they brought back from just one apartment!!!

Now, the rest of the story from the walk we went on when we were at the lake. Mon morning Elder Hess woke up with a few bites on his legs, no big deal. Tues, more bites, and Wed., even more bites!  We counted them and found over 30. I circled them with a black marker and his skin looked like it was dotted with sliced black olives.... We thought we had better count them to see if he had more new ones the next day.  I had like three bites, and we were so afraid that they were bed bugs, ugh!!! We called our Bed Bug Elder and asked his advice, sending him pictures of those skinny legs, Elders Hess', not mine. He thought that they might be bed bugs, although there was no itching with them.  We started the horrendous bed bug protocol outlined by Elder Thompson.  First you wash everything and then dry it twice on high heat; bag and seal it all up. Whatever you can't wash or dry on high, you bag and seal and stuff it in your car to heat up there.  You wipe down your bed frame, baseboards, dressers, and check every crack, crevice and seam in every piece of furniture, mattress and box springs.  Luckily we have special sealed bags on our box springs and mattresses to protect them.  Wipe everything down with pine sol.  Clean and de-clutter as you go.  Out went quite a few things, and counters were cleared and all food stored away.  We had even gotten up one night with flashlights to check the bed for any of those creatures, actually got up twice that night. Sat. morning after everything was loaded in the car, we turned off the AC and I sprayed the special stuff around the apartment.  We drove to the river market for a few hours while things dried.  Then we got to come home and put it ALL away!  So much fun.  In the middle of the week I had asked the O.Elders to drop off the special spay at the apartment; on a day when E. H. stayed home.  We were so embarrassed to admit that we may have B.Bs!  I finally told Sister Sorensen what our fears were, and she stuck out her leg and said, "You mean like these bites?  Elder Sorensen came out of his office, pulled down his sock and asked, "you mean like these bites?"  What a relief to know that we were not alone.  Now we were suspecting that we all had the same thing, and not B.Bs!  But, we had already begun the protocol, so we continued on to the bitter end.  Well, not quite to the bitter end, if it had actually been B.Bs, there would have been a period of time we would not let anyone come to our apartment, be very social, and we would have completely emptied our apartment. (not partial like we did, although we couldn't have fit much more in our car)
Can you believe the size of these hydrangea blossoms! This is one of our favorite Sisters, Sis Povey from Randolph, UT.  
Well, it's late and we have a busy, busy week with transfers.  Sis. Sorensen and I have made our usual 7-10 dozen treats for the missionaries who will be spending most of the day at the church where the mission office is.  They will be waiting for their new companions and also for existing companions to return from the temple trip in the morning.  On Tues we have 22 new ones arriving, and that means dinners and training to help with.  They come with such light in their countenances, and wonderful Spirits about them.  Today in Sacrament meeting one speaker reminded us that "The Spirit is the only way we can come to know Christ." John 16:13 ..."He will guide you into all truth..."

We leave our love and blessings with you.
Elder and Sister Hess

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