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Sunday, March 12, 2017


 Dear Family and Friends,
  More Beautiful Blooms this week, and things are more green after the recent rains!  Just waiting and on the lookout for those pesky creepy bugs we keep hearing about! Yikes! Several large visitors though, and I'm saying....Large!      

Our Stake President, Pres. Wing recently spoke about attending a semi-pro fishing competition, In this highly Christian community, the anglers all had different badges on their fishing vests with a scripture reference!   You can pick out the background of many of the converts in our ward in their prayers and testimonies.  Their praise for the Savior is evident and expressed openly.  Listening to their Southern drawl is a treat.

Here is a photo of Elder Hess with the four Elders serving in our area, just love this bunch!  A member in the ward invited them to go, and the Elders invited Elder Hess to come with them.  They headed out early Mon. morning, had a good time, caught minimal fish...

 We have mentioned the LARGE number of church building here, literally on every block.  When we drive into Little Rock we see these two buildings, and the picture in no way does justice to the size of them, they are enormous!  Every time we pass them, I think to myself, "we're passing by the great and spacious building!"
At our Stake Relief Society Women's Conference last week, I had been asked to help with the humanitarian projects, so I didn't get to attend any of the classes.  The projects where a great undertaking, and earlier I had mentioned the Days For Girls Kits.  Do a search with that title and see what it involves and how it is blessing young girls who do not have the personal items that they need.  These kits give them back a week of their life every month.  The second project, (along with the first are on going) was making mats for the homeless to sleep on.  I know some of you have seen and worked on these mats, but they are a great service to those in need.  The sewing picture is less than half of the bee hive of activity.

These cute Sisters were going to come for Dinner on Wed., but then they shared their latest......they had found 2 bed bugs in their, we had them pick up their dinner at our apartment and take it home to eat!  Elder Hess didn't want to take any chances; we don't have the 3 weeks necessary to clean, launder and rid our apartment of those beasts!

Sad thing is, it was a different set of Sisters who brought the bugs with them to their apartment.....
Oh, and they are in the Mission Office, you can see a peek of it.  Several times now members will ask us where we live, we tell them, and their comment is....oh, that's a terrible part of town to live in!  Very reassuring!

            Persistence, determination, adaptability, much like we have to be to be true Saints of God.

In the March Ensign, page 5 there is an article by Pres. Eyring, "Armed With Righteousness".  He asks some very good questions - "How do we arm ourselves with Righteousness and power?" His answer?  Keep the Sabbath Day holy, make and keep sacred covenants, attend the temple, plead with the Lord to apply the Atoning blood of Christ, pray, read, serve, testify and exercise faith in Jesus Christ.  This is the part that stood out the most to me "always remember that we have help from both sides of the veil.  Our allies include God the Eternal Father, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost, and unseen armies of heaven.  'for they that be with us are more than they that be with them'".  How wonderful to know that, "We need not fear, God loves His Saint, He will never abandon us."
          May our faith be firm, strong, worn with use, and ready to serve us again and again.

           As a family, read 3 Nephi 5:13, discuss how each of us can fulfill this declaration.

Our Love and Prayers are will all of You!
Elder and Sister Hess

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