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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

January 9th, 2017

Hello Family and Friends!  We are so excited to finally be here at the MTC, and wow, what a wonderful feeling just walking through those front doors and realizing that we are here for a week to just learn about our Savior, feel of the overwhelming Spirit here, and rub shoulders with so many others who are on the Lord's errand.

There are about 90 other senior missionaries here, 3 of them are single Sisters.  We sure admire their courage and determination to go alone.  We have met some wonderful people, and have made some friends that we hope to always stay in touch with.  With the whole focus on our Savior Jesus Christ, and to daily learn more of Him and His role in our lives, and how we can share His message, we are growing in our love and gratitude for Him. One quote that we will always remember is, "The Church is True, the Book is Blue.  Bro. Hess and I have reminded each other of that quite a few times.  Another thought that we liked was this.....You can count the eyes in a potato, but you can't count the potatoes in an eye!  Great possibilities are in store for all those who will plant the seeds.   D&C 100:1 was a very comforting scripture for us as parents.  Read it together as a family; it is what the Lord told Sidney and Joseph as they embarked on their missions.     

We attended a Sunday night devotional, and again, the Spirit was amazing.  It was a taped video from Elder Bednar.  He challenged us to learn about the character and attributes of Christ. The work is all about Him.  Elder Bednar did a very good impression of Cookie Monster!  The natural man is like cookie monster, I Want it NOW!  We need to turn our thoughts outward, and look for ways we can help each other.

Monday night devotional was given by Neil L Anderson, one of the 12 apostles.  You knew when you listened to him that he IS a special witness for the Savior.  We were able to shake hands with him as he left the devotional.  He asked us where we would be serving, and when we told him 
Arkansas, he smiled and said that he would see us there, he would be visiting that mission the following week.  

Each day we learned from our wonderful trainer, Elder Arslanian, and many other former missionaries serving there as instructors.  They boldly and humbly teach us to always speak of Christ, and when you are at a loss for words, teach of Him.  Have faith, trust in the Spirit, and it does help to be prepared!

We left reluctantly the MTC,  on Sat after doing our laundry and headed to SLC to stay at the Hyatt.  We attended the temple with our friends and fellow missionaries, the Mowers. 

Sunday morning we listened to the Spoken Word on Temple Square at the Tabernacle, it was amazing to be there.  Then we attended a Sacrament meeting at the Joseph Smith Building,  Elder J Devn Cornish, a member of the 70 was in attendance.

We loved seeing the reflection of the Assembly Hall on Temple Square in the building across the street so I took a picture of it.  We went on a tour of the Conference center, and loved looking at all of the original art work there.  I think our guide said that there over 500 volunteers to serve as guides.

One thing we have learned this week, is that the Lord loves and watches over His Missionaries. Thousands of volunteers are in place to serve us, guide us, teach us, and be a part of His care and love for us.  

We love you all, and pray for you daily.

Brother and Sister Hess

Grand kids.....there will be a test when we talk to you, The________ is true, the __________ is Blue!


  1. The MTC is a wonderful place. So glad that you had a great experience.


  2. Already your having such wonderful experiences, keep the blog up, really enjoy it.

    Deb & Marie

  3. Not sure if I'm doing this right but thanks so much for the info on how to keep in touch. Glad things are going so well We're thinking of you

  4. Looking forward to many more posts!